8 Most Beautiful Bedroom Design Trends For 2018: Making Magic Happen


It’s easy to regard the bedroom as a design afterthought. After all, how many people actually see it? But you do spend a third of your life in there—it should be a retreat from the chaos of the world outside. And designers are always coming up with new ideas to improve the space.

Repeat after us: In 2018, your bedroom will be boring no more. If you’re looking for some quick ways to shake up your sleep sanctuary, we’ve got you covered. Read on for of-the-now inspiration that’s certain to take your boudoir from dowdy to downright dreamy.

1. A return to luxury


Photo by Amy Noel Design

“Luxury is back in a big way,” says designer Mark Cutler. Think: fabrics such as mohair, velvet, cashmere, and faux fur, and color palettes of rich, saturated jewel tones.

Punch up your bedroom style a notch—and create a dreamy retreat—with a new set of textured linens. Or paint your trim and walls in similarly jewel-toned hues for a luxe, tone-on-tone feel.

Our fave shades include Sherwin-Williams’ 2018 color of the year (Oceanside SW 6496), an intense blue-green, and regal Ultra Violet, Pantone’s color of the year for 2018.

2. Wallpaper


Photo by Modern Organic Interiors

No, not your mama’s wallpaper that you spent hours—nay, days—scraping off. Today’s prints have modern flair and intricate designs that fuse with any style, from glam to bohemian.

“Wallpaper adds a layer of depth and interest to any space, and is available in amazing textures, colorful stripes, geometrics, and countless other options,” says Charleston, SC, designer Leigh Meadows-McAlpert.

Add texture with sisal or patterned prints, and score major bonus points for choosing a floral pattern (yep, that’s back in, too—more on that later).

If you want to ease in with this one, try removable wallpaper, or papering just one wall for a patterned accent.

3. Ceilings with flair


Photo by FrontDoor Communities

Ceilings will be seen in 2018, designers say, whether wallpapered, gilded, or painted a bold hue.

“From creative moldings and interesting coffers to fantastic paint and plaster treatments, the ceiling has become another surface equivalent to the complexity of a Persian rug,” says designer Ana Cummings. “No room will be completely finished without a ceiling treatment.”

Not feeling committed enough for paint? Swap out your dated ceiling fan for a dramatic chandelier or drum pendant.

“A unique light fixture can provide that pop you need without breaking the bank,” says Kayla Hein, creative director at Modern Castle.

4. New twists on old headboards


Photo by Clifton Interiors Ltd

Ditch your tired, old headboard, and experiment with the new crop of head-of-the-bed accents such as accent wallpaper, painted decals, or textured wall tapestries.

If you’re a DIYer, you can even create a rustic chic look by upcycling old barn doors or benches. Or take an entirely new twist by hanging a large vintage map or custom painting, or cover the entire wall with a soft fabric.

“I love taking the upholstered headboard to new heights, literally,” says Gretchen Kennelly, an interior designer and owner of Gretchen Kennelly Design Group, in San Diego. “I love to do a fully upholstered wall behind the bed to create a soft, cozy space and an extra layer of texture in the room.”

5. Concrete


Photo by Michelle Chaplin Interiors

Love it or hate it, this versatile composite is making a huge splash this year.

If you dig a more contemporary style, consider a concrete accent wall in a master bedroom. Just make sure to balance it with accents such as walnut-stained ceiling beams, whitewashed wood floors, and soft bed linens to warm things up.

“This creates a style that’s cozy, not cold,” says Monica Mangin, host of Lowe’s DIY webisode series “The Weekender.”

6. Funky florals


Photo by eleven11DESIGN

Ready or not, florals are back in bloom. Designers predict they’ll be big in the bedroom, in contrasting colors (especially in bold jewel tones) and large, oversize patterns.

“Floral prints have always been popular, but this year we’ll see them veer away from feeling incredibly feminine and more toward an interesting, funky vibe,” says Erin Davis, lead designer of Mosaik Design & Remodeling in Portland, OR. “Think contrasting colors and casual, bohemian styling.”

Try this trend in linens, rugs, upholstery, or even window treatments—or if you’re feeling especially wild, add floral wallpaper to an accent wall.

7. Gen Z yellow

contemporary-bedroom (1)

Photo by Shaw Coates

This sunny color has taken over the runway and is now making its way into our homes as the new darling of interior design. Risk-taking homeowners love how the hue can make any room feel happy—and isn’t that what you’re looking for in the boudoir?

“Incorporating Gen Z yellow in a bedroom gives you unlimited possibilities,” says Nikki James, the design studio manager for homebuilder Ashton Woods Dallas. “You can make it as simple as a few throw pillows and curtains, or you can bring in an attractive yellow reading chair, a fun piece of yellow art, and some stunning lamps with yellow bases. The options are truly endless.”

8. Distraction-free zones

contemporary-bedroom (2)

Photo by Su Casa Designs

“Bedrooms that are oasis from the chaos of everyday life will be huge this year,” predicts Chicago designer Rae Duncan. “It’s not about having a TV screen in front of your face anymore; it’s about escaping and being with yourself and the people you love.”

Create your own oasis by banning electronics, creating cozy sitting areas, and adding room-darkening window treatments to keep yourself cocooned from the world outside. Now that’s a trend we can get behind!

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